NDiF Leadership Series: Cory T. Hutcheson, PhD (Audio)

Continuing our Leadership Series, we spoke with Cory T. Hutcheson, PhD.  In a stroke of technological wizardry, we were even able to record it!

Join Cory and I as we discuss what brought him into the field, how he incorporates folkloristics into his podcasting work, the power of superstitions, and of course, the future of Folklore.

You can listen to the entire interview at our SoundCloud page.

Interviewer: John E. Price, Editor

Dr. Cory T. Hutcheson
Twitter: @chasingfoxfire

New Directions in Folklore
Email: newdirectionsinfolklore@gmail.com
Twitter: @AFSNewFolklore
NDiF Journal: scholarworks.iu.edu/journals/index.php/ndif
NDiF Website: ndif.wordpress.com/
American Folklore Society: http://www.afsnet.org


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